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What a Difference Three Years Makes!

Happy 3-year Anniversary, RSF. Your donations have made all this possible. Thank you!

  • * All the Kalehe village Batwa school-age kids now attend school, sponsored by RSF donors. For just $45/mo or $25/mo (2 levels) you can sponsor a child!

  • * We got CLEAN WATER in Kalehe: 2 tap stands, 1 at each end of the village, piped via gravity from a freshwater spring in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park. What an act of environmental justice, since this comes from their ancestral forest homeland.

  • * We've held a weekly Educational Soup Kitchen for kids, removing parasitic jiggers; giving vitamins and medicine; providing healthy food; and making learning fun!

  • * We've bought hundreds of baskets at a fair trade price from women, selling them in the US on our online shop and in stores! We buy shakers and carved gorillas and seed necklaces from men. We sell the baskets at WC Trading Co at the Woodlands Church in Houston, Texas, New Seasons grocery stores; and in Oklahoma at Double Darlin Designs and Bless UR Heart Boutique.

  • * We built a 5th grade classroom at Rugando Primary School, complete with bricks and mortar, a chalkboard and benches.

  • * ​All Kalehe Batwa are enrolled in E-quality health insurance (previously through us, now through BMCDA, a deal we brokered). They now use the hospital much more frequently, and all HIV+ in the village women are receiving medication; none were before.

  • * We — meaning the Batwa with our guidance — have built homes for single moms Loyce, Sharon, and Nossi worked on 2 additional homes for Allen plus Flora, Jackson and family. New homes include a house with a bed frame, a latrine, and a "kitchen" structure.

  • * After each Batwa family constructed a bed frame and drying rack and "mudded" their homes to fill in holes, they received mattresses and sheets, pots, utensils, and more in a "Dignity kit" as well as Lifewater drinking water kits (later replaced later by the Gravity Water project).

  • * We built a bridge across Munyaga River from Buhoma to Kalehe.

  • * We gave out reusable Afripads and Green Betty moonpad menstrual pads to Kalehe Batwa and girls in 2 schools.

  • * We've managed dozens of virtual volunteers and a few in person! (always looking for more).

  • * We have shared a lot of love, hope, prayer and laughter... help us continue!

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