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Four Batwa pygmy children sit in the dirt by their mud home wearing dirty clothing and one waves



RSF currently sponsors the Batwa children of Kalehe Village in two schools - Bishop's Boarding School in Kanungu and Hope Stone Academy Nursery School. Sponsorship is $500/year or $45/month or you can do a half-sponsorship for $250/year or $20/month. ​


RSF warrants that all children who are sponsored through our organization are in genuine need of attending school and we have the parents assist with school fees by contributing a few baskets per term to RSF. We prefer sponsors who can make a commitment to the child for the duration of his or her education, or at minimum the primary school education (through primary 7 or "P7" which is the equivalent of 7th grade in the US). After that kids will attend Senior 1 through 4. But if you can sponsor for a year, we are still grateful!


Through your sponsorship, you and your child will exchange letters, photos, and even videos and you can even make a trip to visit! 



RSF is seeking full-time volunteers in Uganda — but we are also seeking help with:

* social media (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook),

* web site maintenance

* blogging

* emails to donors and followers

* accounting

* selling baskets in the US

* nonprofit development

* and many other tasks! 


We have openings for paid and unpaid internships for high school and college students. 

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Your donations support the many projects we engage in at Redemption Song Foundation, including the Tuesday Educational Soup Kitchen, our incredible Artisan Coop livelihood project, the Batwa Empowerment projects, providing reuseable menstrual pads to school girls to encouarge them to stay in school once they start menstruation, supporting staff, and enabling us to do the work by supporting our overhead.


We are a U.S. 501(c)(3) organization based in Texas, and a Community Based Organization (CBO) registered in Kayonza Subcounty, Kanungu District in Uganda at the edge of Bwindi Impenetrable National Park. 


Please contact us for more information! We are grateful for our RSF Angels who support us! Your prayers are also much appreciated!



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