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SOS: Save Our Secondary Students!

Joyce, Luke, Jonas, Andrew, Confidence at Trackers Lodge in Nkwenda/Buhoma after their dance performance.

I feel so full of joy and hope to see the first Batwa child I ever sponsored (Jonas), begin his journey at Saint Lawrence Secondary school, Crown City campus in Kampala alongside Andrew, another Batwa young man we have sponsored for the past 7 years. I sponsored Jonas even before I formed this nonprofit! Andrew’s sister Confidence was accepted to Bishops Comboni secondary school as well! This photo shows Joyce, Luke (in primary 7), Jonas, Andrew, and Confidence in Bwindi, their beautiful homeland.

These 3 students — Jonas, Andrew and his sister Confidence (who were orphaned 5 years ago when their mother died and then 2 years later their grandmother) — each need at least one additional sponsor to ensure they can finish secondary school (high school), which started last week. We had to use operational funds to pay the school fees and buy supplies because we did not have money budgeted for them — however, we chose to invest in their future add an excellent education for them. They are truly the future of Kalehe and of the Batwa.

This photo is Edgar, Jonas, and Andrew several years ago when they were little! RSF has worked with these children since they were 8 and 9 and have watched them grow into thriving young adults.

Sending these students to secondary school (an opportunity many Batwa children do not get) is important to transform their future into one where they have an internationally renowned education and exposure to ideas in the bigger world, and getting away from the discrimination that occurs against Batwa tribe members locally where the Batwa are from and where we work.

For Confidence and Andrew in particular we need at least another $1000/year each. That’s two more sponsors each kid at $500/year or $45/month or one who can afford $100/month or $1000/year. Jonas' sponsor pays a little more than most so he only needs one more sponsor. School fees are $1500 alone every year at St. Lawrence, plus the supplies and uniforms.

But is so much more than the money you, as sponsor, bring to the table. Especially at this age, your communications with them, your prayers for them, the encouragement you can offer them can make a huge difference in their lives. It can even be the difference between life and death especially as they navigate young adulthood in an area where HIV is rampant and death comes too early for so many. Staying in school can be the difference between a life of prostitution and a life running an organization or having your own fulfilling career. You matter. They matter. Let's get you connected.

You can write to your sponsored student via email or WhatsApp during their school breaks, send photos, tell them about the world beyond Uganda's borders, and if your budget allows, even visit them in person.

Andrew wants to be an engineer and loves singing, music, and soccer. Confidence wants to be a water engineer and loves dancing and lives mostly with us at RSF on breaks since her mum died but visited her father in Kihembe at times. Jonas wants to be a doctor and loves soccer and Jesus and his family.

Andrew and his older sister Confidence are both entering secondary school, Senior 1 class. Andrew is attending St. Lawrence school in Kampala and Confidence Bishops Comboni school in Kihihi town.

Time is of the essence. We are using savings to send them because I believe in them but we really need more funds and support so kindly consider supporting one of these students in school.

You can sign up for a recurring donation below! It will take you to Paypal, where you have to have an account and can set up a recurring donation of $45/month or more. There should be a place to enter a child's name, or you can write to us at and I will get your sponsorship set up.


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