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How Education Alleviates Poverty

Written by RSF High School Intern Bella Auten

Education is the key to turning the tide on poverty in Batwa communities. Researchers have made clear connections between getting an education and having better health including mental health, getting higher paying jobs, and even growing a nation's economy. Read more below to learn about how education builds happy homes and creates better lives.

We all need to eat, plain and simple. But did you know that eating does more than just keep you alive and healthy? During early development, being well nourished improves cognitive abilities, as well as motivation and long-term perseverance on tasks and goals. This is important so that children can grow and be able to learn what's taught in school.

The Director General of the Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation (NORAD), Villa Kulild, stated that, “Combined investments in food security, nutrition and education are necessary to reduce malnutrition and will also increase children’s ability to learn.” Poverty prevents parents from being able to afford foods that can nourish their children. But in order to feed the children, they need money to pay for it. This is where jobs come in.

By receiving a quality education that teaches baseline skills such as reading, writing, and math, the next generation will have the opportunity to get jobs that cover the costs for living necessities, such as food, a home, medical needs, etc. Statistics show that just one year of education has a rate of 10% increases in wages, and in the article, “5 Ways Education Can Help End Extreme Poverty” the Global Partnership for Education explains that 171 million people could rise out of poverty if all children left school with basic reading skills.

An education helps more than just the individual and their families. Getting impoverished communities further educated also helps the economy grow. After obtaining a higher paying job and getting a better salary, more money can be spent towards improving individuals, families, and communities. With more money, the Batwa will not only be able to afford living necessities, but also other things that are not crucial to their livelihood but make for happier lives, such as toys for children, nicer clothes, better and more nutritious food, and even at some point, paying for their own children's education instead of needing sponsors. When money is spent on these things the demand for them raises, and with a higher demand for products more job opportunities open up. This cycle builds up the local economy, which strengthens their resilience. It all goes full circle, and it starts with you.

By donating to Redemption Song Foundation, you are part of beginning a new cycle for Batwa communities, creating a future where family and friends can thrive and live the best life possible. Our sponsorship program works to send each and every Batwa child in Kalehe village to school so we can get the next generation educated and ready to succeed!

Get excited for Giving Tuesday the Tuesday after Thanksgiving where the world turns to giving instead of shopping! You can donate anytime — no need to wait until Giving Tuesday — through our website or the button below, our Facebook fundraiser (no fees!), or mail a check to RSF, PO Box 876, Frisco, TX 75034. If you want to sponsor one of these three older children in high school (secondary school) which they start in January, please let us know! We also have younger kids needing sponsors in primary school.


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