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Power to the People - Solar For the Batwa!

This holiday season of giving, Redemption Song Foundation (RSF) is bringing Power to the People — literally! We're bringing solar power to the Kalehe Village Batwa, an indigenous pygmy tribe in SW Uganda with which we work. This sustainable electricity will allow kids to study on rainy days and dark nights, enabling them to get away from the gritty, smoky fires that now provide their only light. There are 8 existing homes in Kalehe and we'll build new solar-powered homes for 3 single moms (Allen, Zawadi & Jolly), and get solar power for our school, Hope Stone Academy. Each home will also get a solar lantern for going to the outhouse (latrine) at night & a cell phone. The Batwa tribe lags far behind other Ugandans in education, income, and development and RSF has worked alongside the Batwa of Kalehe to help in these ways. The grant that first brought our director — journalist Wendee Nicole — to Uganda was entitled Power to the People. RSF is founded upon the local-people-empowering principles outlined by Nobel Laureate Elinor Ostrom which Wendee first reported on in her grant — so the name has deep meaning! To learn about this campaign, read about it at our new Power to the People.

The website breaks down costs for everything, like solar panels, batteries, labor, wires, and more... Any donation is greatly appreciated! I kicked off the campaign with a $1000 donation pledge ($500 already donated and $500 to come before the year's end).

If you want to volunteer with Redemption Song Foundation from near (ie Uganda) or far (remotely) message us or leave a comment!

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