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Honoring Jonah

It is with heavy hearts that we inform you that Jonah Kingyeneye, sister to Loyce, aunt to my daughter Joyce, has passed on August 17th, 2021 in Mbrarara.

Jonah is survived by her father Milton, sister Loyce, brother Kenneth, and half siblings Beckham, Shivan, Evidence, Edgar, and Sasha. She is also the aunt to Joyce, Angel, and Kenzo. She did not have children.

May her smile and sensitive heart live on in those who love her. ❤️

Below are some photos from the burial outside her father Milton and stepmom Jacklin's new brick house, built by Redemption Song Foundation through our Sticks to Bricks fundraiser from last year. It is now finished, but this was when it had been "primed" but not painted. I'm happy with how it turned out and the family is very happy to have a nice home to greet visitors from, even though it was an awful and sad day.

The priest says some final words.

Jonah had a lovely smile. She was a sensitive soul who helped care for others' children where she lived at, in Mbrarara. She endured a lot in her short life.

Friends pay their final respects.

The coffin is lifted down into the ground.

Another view.

After covering the coffin with soil, flowers are planted on top.

Jonah is in the front center with one of the trees she helped plant in Kalehe in our 10,000 Trees project. Her father Milton is in the back row, far right. He was very sad at the funeral. How can you not be when you outlive your child? It wasn't the first he's lost. Death is far too common in Uganda, and among the Batwa especially. They face extremely challenging circumstances, to say the least. All the stories, I can't even tell, because they are personal and private, but rest assured, we love the families and are thankful for any donations to help Milton's family along with the 5 young children they still have at home.


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