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Mattresses for the Batwa!

What a great day for Kalehe village! After they worked very hard to improve their homes over the past few weeks, each family received a brand spanking new mattress today. The mattresses say “Sleep like a King” and our manager Charity told me that a couple of them joked that they would be sleeping like kings and queens!

This is no small thing. We last bought them mattresses a few years ago and living in mud homes, they get ruined faster than in a home you might be used to. We also handed out a bedsheet for each family getting a mattress. Mattresses are too expensive for them to afford at this time -- especially right now during the pandemic when all tourism has ceased (the country's borders are still sealed to visitors). They typically live on less than a dollar a day, and that's when they had dancing income. Now, they are getting money by selling handiwork, such as wooden mingling sticks, woven mats, and also firewood. This first photo shows Sharon with her partner Rogers and daughter Treasure.

Bonus: it was food delivery day, AND we launched another big project with animals! Stay tuned!

Wilson, the son of Chairman Jackson and his wife Flora, recently returned to Kalehe Village, so we not only got him a mattress, but also a machete and hoe to do agriculture with. He's building himself a house, so he requested nails, which are in his hand!

Flora received a large mattress for herself and her husband Jackson, plus a bedsheet.

Single mom Nossi received a mattress and bedsheet after mudding her home up very well, with the help of our employee Laban (a Mutwa from Kalehe village, also).

RSF Manager Charity stands with Jacklin and her husband Milton with their new double mattress and sheet!

Amos, the eldest son of Flora and Jackson, stands by the double mattress for him and his wife Jacklin.

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