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A Plea for Beckham

The child on our website who first captured our director Wendee’s attention through the camera lens has recently lost a sponsor for his schooling. We are looking for someone who is willing to help further Beckham’s education by sponsoring him. This means you will get to write to him, share photos of yourself or your family, and he will write back!

Beckham and his little sister, Poppy, two Batwa children from southwest Uganda

We have 2 sponsorship levels. The first level involves a recurring donation of $45 per month or a one-time payment of $500 per year – as a thank you, we will send you a free handmade basket made by your child’s mother. For those who want a lower option, you can pay $25 per month or $300 per year.

These funds pay for school uniforms, shoes, school supplies, administration costs – which include paying for our all-Ugandan staff and phone and internet costs – as well as our weekly educational soup kitchen.

A Batwa child named Beckham in 2016 with a big smile and wearing a USA t-shirt

Beckham attends RSF's brand new Hope Stone Academy for Batwa kids, and with small classes and individualized attention, we will give these kids the love and care they need to thrive. We will teach them about their unique indigenous culture, including songs and dance, basket weaving – something most Americans use to make fun of – and the history of their people.

For less than what you spend on their groceries per week, you can send a child through an entire year of school!

Beckham has not had the easiest life. But, through education and the opportunities it will provide him, he can thrive and prosper.

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