October 12, 2017

Can you guess the major barriers to quality education in developing nations like Uganda? Some include lack of good teachers, lack of quality training materials, lack of funding and even hunger. A whopping 171 million kids around the world are stunted by hunger by age 5, which affects brain development - and hence the ability to learn. 

We have found that Batwa children struggle academically because of several reasons: hunger, not having educated parents at home to help with learning, too large of class sizes without dedicated, skilled teachers, and no electricity at home to study with. These kids really need smart, fun, dedicated teachers, good nutrition and loving care.

The Batwa young'uns from Kalehe village, where we mainly work, have struggled at the local school we previously had them at, with scores like 4 or 11 out of 100 - in preschool!  

We decided to tackle the problem head on, opening our own preschool - something we have prayed about for mo...

October 3, 2017

Happy 3-year Anniversary, RSF. Your donations have made all this possible. Thank you!

  • All the Kalehe village Batwa school-age kids now attend school, sponsored by RSF donors. For just $45/mo or $25/mo (2 levels) you can sponsor a child

  • We got CLEAN WATER in Kalehe: 2 tap stands, 1 at each end of the village, piped via gravity from a freshwater spring in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park. What an act of environmental justice, since this comes from their ancestral forest homeland. 

  • We've held a weekly Educational Soup Kitchen for kids, removing parasitic jiggers; giving vitamins and medicine; providing healthy food; and making learning fun!

  • We've bought hundreds of baskets at a fair trade price from women, selling them in the US on our online shop and in stores! We buy shakers and carved gorillas and seed necklaces from men. We sell the baskets at WC Trading Co at the Woodlands Church in Houston, Texas, New Seasons gro...

September 25, 2017

The child on our website who first captured our director Wendee’s attention through the camera lens has recently lost a sponsor for his schooling.  We are looking for someone who is willing to help further Beckham’s education by sponsoring him. This means you will get to write to him, share photos of yourself or your family, and he will write back! 

We have 2 sponsorship levels. The first level involves a recurring donation of $45 per month or a one-time payment of $500 per year – as a thank you, we will send you a free handmade basket made by your child’s mother.  For those who want a lower option, you can pay $25 per month or $300 per year.

These funds pay for school uniforms, shoes, school supplies, administration costs – which include paying for our all-Ugandan staff and phone and internet costs – as well as our weekly educational soup kitchen.

Beckham attends RSF's brand new Hope Stone Academy for Batwa kids, and with small classes and individualized attention, we will give thes...

April 16, 2017

Imagine attending a school without any drinking water. Imagine attending a school with a single latrine for all the students. Imagine trying to attend classes in these schools while you have your menstrual period. Imagine your menstrual period is extremely painful. Imagine your reuseable pad is soaked through but there is no running water to clean it. Imagine having your pad soaked through to your pants so you have to hide the stain with your book bag. And don’t forget this happens every month.

Working with the Batwa people, the founder of Redemption Song Foundation learned about the detrimental impact of the lack of menstrual supplies for girls in SW Uganda. Wendee found that few non-profit organizations address menstruation, what she believes to be one of the most important issues.

Various studies have showed that menstruation is the top reason girls miss school. One in 10 school-age African girls ‘do not attend school during menstruation, or drop out at puberty because of the lack of...

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